The most innovative online recovery program to help people who are detoxed from alcohol design lives that are healthy, happy, and free from alcohol for good! 


 Once you join, you get instant access to on-demand lessons that take you step-by-step through the process of designing your Recovery Roadmap.

 To help you design your Recovery Roadmap, you'll receive a 90 page workbook full of interactive exercises to help you think critically about your future.



➤ You will receive three months of support inside Break Free & Recover's  private and confidential group of people who are bettering their lives, just like you. 

 To keep you motivated, you'll get access to my monthly Questions and Answers group coaching sessions. No question or concern is off limits!

 We invite our industry expert friends into the group for surprise trainings on relevant topics!


Defining the Problem

The first step towards finding a solution is to figure out our current status.  What problems are we facing?  What could this mean?  How do we start uncovering why? 


All of these questions will be addressed in this phase.  As human beings living in the 21st century, we face unique challenges.  Know this, there could be many contributing factors to the patterns that have been prevalent in your life.  This phase is foundational to understanding where we are starting from and looking forward to the future of where we want to go. 


 Discovering Your Strengths

Our work starts with US.  Understanding our unique personalities, what makes us tick, and how we get recharged.  We need to work on changing our thought patterns to support us every day in recovery.  It’s also important to become aware of both or conscious and subconscious.  


Designing Your Program

No two recovery programs are the same.  Each of us have different unique strengths, environmental factors, core values, and personalities. We keep this in mind as we design a program that supports us every day as we move forward.  The program is designed to keep us in an uplifting recovery lifestyle that actually makes sense for us day-to-day.  Overtime, our program will expand and contract. 


  Identify core problems and self-sabotaging cycles that currently exist in your life

  Map out the first step to change and uncover the WHY behind harmful behaviors

  Craft and implement a tailored recovery strategy that speaks to your strengths and creates goals for your future

  Learn self-improvement strategies to accelerate deep-dive inner work

  Implement coping skills to tackle triggers and urges when they strike

  Understand key community programs, their differences, and what each offers

  Master living a balanced life by utilizing game changing recovery tools

  Create a long-term prevention and stabilization plan for your future in recovery

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My Sober Compass presents "Break Free and Recover" a proven at-home recovery program that shows people who drink too much how to identify why they drink, how to stop and what to do every day instead of drinking.


Break Free & Recover is the EXACT next step you need to take if you are ready to FINALLY change your relationship with alcohol and live the life you always imagined!

This strategic framework was created with YOU in mind.

This program was created by a 34 year old alcoholic who lived in Washington DC and London who was drinking non-stop and was suffering the tragic effects of it. When we say WE GET IT, WE ABSOLUTELY GET IT because we have gone through the uncomfortable  procress of separating ourselves from the life of drinking from our new lives now.  Break Free and Recover helps you holistically rethink drinking patterns, break free of destructive behaviors, surround you with support and learn skills to transform your life!

Now is your time to explore, discover, learn and GROW.

Stop guessing your way to recovery and join us on this “do it together” journey.


The Feel Good AF (Alcohol-Free) Method

Step 1: Define your problematic relationship with alcohol, and how has it affected you in the past and the present. Define addiction & recovery.

Step 2:  Decide you are committing to an alcohol-free life and that you are worth it!

The Feel Good AF (Alcohol-Free) Method

Step 1: Define your problematic relationship with alcohol, and how has it affected you in the past and the present. Define addiction & recovery.

Step 2:  Decide you are committing to an alcohol-free life and that you are worth it!

Step 3: Discover your unique strengths and leverage a new mindset to support you through this change.

Step 4: Design your program to meet your needs and excel your growth.

Step #5: Do the work to implement your customized program and love AF living!

It’s time to build a wildly successful recovery program that envelops both LIFE & RECOVERY strategies together! 


Option 1: Risk relapsing.


Option 2: Start loving your life!


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