Are you ready to transform your life starting Nov 1? LET'S GO!

How almost losing my life due to my alcohol addiction led me to create the “My Sober Compass” method and win my 10+ year battle with alcohol! 



This new system is currently being used by hundreds of people worldwide to break out of negative habits with alcohol to create healthier connections with their families, and live the life that they always imagined.




Hello friend, 

Let's get real about alcohol. 

Alcohol was once your best friend and now it has become your enemy. 

It’s confusing, isn’t it?  You may have asked yourself, “why am I drinking so much?” or “why is it so hard to quit alcohol when I genuinely want to?”

I used to ask myself these very questions too. 

Alcohol is everywhere.  Alcohol is legal.  Alcohol is pushed on us in social settings.  Alcohol is all over TV, newspapers, sporting events, and the internet.   

Alcohol is the great pretender.  It pretends to be our friend when the reality is… alcohol can harm us more than help us.




I know that some of us drink to numb our feelings

I know that others of us drink to cope with everyday stresses - a stressful work life, a stressful family life, a stressful past.

I know that even more of us drink because it starts out as this fun, euphoric feeling and then turns into a hole of deep dark depression.

I know because I used to drink for all of these reasons above AND MORE.



If you’re a problem drinker, you will relate to what I’m saying.  

If you’re not a problem drinker, then this truth will not affect you at all. 

Here is the deal. 

You can take back control of your power. 

You can make great decisions starting TODAY to change the course of your life. 

You can make changes with how you deal with alcohol.  

This change can start today. 

But what I need to do first is tell you the truth. 

And sometimes the truth is hard to hear. 

You may have been stuck in a vicious cycle with your alcohol use for years. 

You may have avoided the google search of “how do I stop” or “what does alcohol do to my body."

You may have surrounded yourself with people who have the same drinking patterns as you do, so that you feel normal. 

There are certain things that are certainly not normal… and I wish someone would have told me when I was in the depths of my alcohol use to help me wake up. 

Drinking until blackout.

Drinking more than 5+ drinks per social occasion.

Drinking alone.

Drinking in secret.

Drinking beer only instead of wine or liquor to curb the buzz.

If you’re still reading this, I just want you to know that I’m happy you’re here.

Happy that you’re considering a change.

Happy you’re about to start the good fight.

So many people I have worked with have found success with their fight.

Are you ready to recover starting November 1?

Lets talk in truths. First, I think you should know mine.  


Hi, my name is Arielle Dyment.

People can see my story, business, and highlights on social media - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

But I wasn’t always smiling like you see above. I definitely wasn’t always happy. 

The truth is, I was muddled down with alcohol addiction for 10+ years, which melded into an eating disorder and serious issues with relationships. 

My relationship with alcohol started when I was 18 years old, a student at Villanova University’s school of business.  I loved the feeling.  I loved getting drunk.  I loved all aspects of the drinking life. 

But alcohol was slowly but surely taking it’s hold on my life. 

When I graduated on the deans list, I thought… okay I’ll be able to control this.  I’ll learn how to drink less.  I’ll get a grip on this. 

But over the next few years, alcohol took me to a dark place. 

I was extremely unhappy to my core. 

I did all the things society told me to do: 

  • Get a job
  • Get a boyfriend
  • Get an apartment
  • Get a car
  • Get a hobby or two

But I was miserable. SO FREAKING miserable.  

So I started brainstorming solutions… and trying them out.


Join the 30-day program starting November 1!


I thought quitting my high-paying job and backpacking through Europe would make me happy.




I thought changing my career path and planning international events (which I have to admit was amazing… but it kicked my drinking into overdrive being on planes and in Europe all the time alone)  would make me happy. 




I thought adopting the party-girl-care-free persona would make me happy.



I was in a dark place as my negative drinking cycles continued..


I partied. I worked hard. I partied more. I worked harder.


 It got so dark inside my head that the thought of ending my life would cross my mind almost daily. 

 I started covering up mirrors so I wouldn’t have to look at myself because I was so disgusted with my choices. 


 I didn’t know where to turn. 

I didn’t know who to talk to. 

I didn’t know how deep-in-my-core sick I really was. 

I started taking pictures of myself while drunk so I could use it as ammunition when I was sober to stop. And I was always avoiding the truth. 

Alcohol was killing me. 

This was how I looked and more importantly how I FELT behind closed doors.  And I’m happy to share this with you now because it’s the truth.


On the inside, everything was a mess. But on the outside I was getting more compliments than ever before.


This was what I would show the world: EVERYTHING IS GREAT!

I’d smile and take selfies to almost prove to MYSELF that I was okay...


I pretended it was normal for me to go out and black out 5+ nights a week. 

That it was normal for me to drink 10+ drinks in a sitting and then force myself to show up and suit up for work the next day.  Powering through my day with coffee and water. Oh and maybe an apple if I could stomach it. 

Or that it was normal for me to put on a mask that everything was A-OK to my co-workers, my friends, my family when I was having panic attacks on the regular.  

I would starve myself so I could get drunker quicker.  I replaced my food with the empty calories of alcohol. 

I was hungry for affection, love, understanding, and hope.  

I was slowly dying but I didn’t even know it.  

My outsides weren’t matching my insides. 

I was trying to tell the world I was ok, but the reality was that I WAS NOT OKAY. 

This went on and on until THAT ONE WEEKEND CAME. 


Friday night: got plastered. 

Saturday morning: started day drinking at 8am (this had become a routine). 

I took an Uber into downtown Washington DC and met my friends around noon.  

I felt dead inside. 

Here I was, at one of the largest, busiest bars in Washington DC.  With my friends who I loved and cared about (and who cared about me too).  But I was drinking to not feel anything. And the picture is proof… my eyes looked dead.

Sunday morning came. The date was July 12, 2015.  I woke up facedown on my livingroom floor.  The last memory I had of the day before was playing Jenga with my friends.. And the 10 hours after that I couldn’t remember.  How did I get home?  Who was I with?  What happened?

I looked around and my apartment was littered with bottles.

My phone’s history gave me some insight into what happened that night.

I had also taken the liberty to write a suicide note in my phone… saying I didn’t want to live anymore.  I didn’t want to BE around.  I didn’t want to BE in my own skin.

Now both my conscious and my subconscious were screaming for me to take the next step. 


I had to make a choice. Continue on like this and die or tell just ONE person what had been actually happening for me. 


I chose the latter.

I told someone what had been going on.

I went to my psychologist and dished out the truth.  The actual truth of how much I had been drinking.  My tolerance was so high, it was normal for me to drink 3-5 bottles of wine per day.

I could see in the doctors eyes that she thought it was a lot.

She told me that if I didn’t get well… alcohol could shut down my body completely.

I knew I had to do something, because this was beyond my control.

I walked into work and quit my job. I couldn't even string two sentences together.


I found a rehab in British Columbia, Canada.


I spent 90 days in rehab trying to piece together my life.

I didn’t drink while I was in there.

I learned about why I drank.

I started my journey of healing 


But when I got out, I felt really confused. 


I knew that I needed to distance myself from my “old life” of party-hopping, chaos, and working intensely. 

So I moved to British Columbia to start fresh.   

And I did everything the treatment center suggested for people as they exit. 

  1. I got a sponsor and worked the 12 steps
  2. I went to AA & NA meetings
  3. I got a counsellor

I quickly realized I needed WAY more support than this. This took about 5 hours of my week.  Then I had 163 hours a week to deal with.

You see, alcohol affected EVERY SINGLE PART OF MY LIFE when I did drink. So here I was just trying to function as a sober person.

No one told me that I would have to “learn” how to have sober fun.

No one told me that my brain would take time to heal.

No one gave me ideas for a step-by-step plan of what to do next and how to continue my momentum moving forward.

And so, the first two years of my recovery I struggled to find happiness.

I struggled to have fun.

I struggled to uncover the real me.

But I did. 


I decided that I was not going to be miserable as a sober person. And I went seeking answers to find happiness. 


I scoured the internet for tools to help me cope with going through my emotions sober. 

I went back to school to learn about recovery & life coaching so that I could one day help others perhaps. 

I tried on other community programs OTHER than the 12 steps because I wanted to become knowledgeable about my options.

I tried so many different things which led me to a huge realization. 


My big realization was 3-fold:


Drinking was always a choice. 

Drinking was a way for me to self-medicate. 

Drinking was my survival for SO long. 

And every day in recovery, I now had a choice. 


I was not powerless… I was now powerful. 


For whatever reason

… whether it was hereditary

… whether it was trauma

… whether it was just plain coincidence

I was never going to have a normal relationship with alcohol, because ALCOHOL ALWAYS TOOK ME TO THAT DARK PLACE. 


I had the power to decide if alcohol was right for me. 


And when I looked back on my history of my relationship with alcohol, time had proven over and over that it was definitely not a good companion.

Alcohol made me feel disconnected from other people - yes, sure.

But the most important thing was alcohol made me disconnect with myself.

And now, I wanted to discover who I really was inside.

So I fought hard to build a recovery program that actually made sense for me.

Because I knew that I was unique. 

My personality was unique. 

My interests were unique. 

My relationships and friendships were unique. 

My spirituality was unique. 

My emotions were unique. 

My career path was unique. 

My dreams were unique. 

And off I went!

My life became exponentially better and fast.

So great that I started to dream about ways I could help other people. 

I brainstormed ideas on napkins, whiteboards, and paper about frameworks and models of how to help other people… because I knew there were SO MANY OTHERS out there living in the shadows of alcohol who were JUST. LIKE. ME. 

Then I sketched out on paper a compass.

Everything changed.

I knew my purpose.

My purpose was to help other people recover from alcohol.

My purpose was to inspire hope paired with tangible tools that anyone could use to find their own unique recovery.

My purpose was to shout from the tops of social media that yes, i was once broken and suicidal from alcohol but today I was not that person any longer.

And so many others out there could find that strength and hope just like I did… only quicker. 

In 2017, My Sober Compass was born.


I was flooded with people who were all looking to change their life path because alcohol had been a barrier for so long. 

They wanted freedom. 

They wanted human connection. 

They wanted the power to be happy. 

They wanted to pull apart their past patterns and discover their unique WHY. 

They wanted to understand what it truly meant to “work a program.”

Which leads me to their most important want, they wanted a plan.


Let me introduce you to “Break Free & Recover.” 

You might be wondering: “How does it work?” 

We focus on solutions rather than problems.

We focus on the gains rather than the potential “losses” from our old lives.

We focus on our own power of choice.

Break Free & Recover has a very specific framework.




It’s strategic. It’s manageable. It’s for people who want a real life solution that will actually MAKE SENSE for you and your lifestyle. 



  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Break Free & Recover Course! 30 lessons you can complete within 30 days to build a complete recovery program!
  • Daily support in our exclusive Facebook Group
  • Weekly check-ins and surveys
  • LIVE Q&A Call with Arielle: 1st Wednesday of the month
  • LIVE Recovery Coaching Group Call with Arielle: 3rd Wednesday of the month


What would it mean to become a part of Break Free & Recover?


This program is for working professionals, both women and men, who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol for good. 

Because through this program, you walk away from alcohol and toward the life you always wanted but never could quite grasp. 

This program works on the solution rather than sitting together and focusing on what “was.”

We step into new territory and new opportunities. 

We become the best version of ourselves, always. 

This program entails AMAZING transformational content. 

Every month you are also invited to two LIVE group support calls where we can talk about solutions and real-life things we are going through. 


This program is only for people who are willing to do the work.  Willing to take a good look at themselves and their past actions, and break-free from alcohol.

We want to work with people who are ready to live their best lives, ready to take action.

Are you that person? 

If so, hit RECOVER NOW.

Don’t wait one more day. Get your life back and go after those dreams that have been sitting on the backburner for far too long.

Because you have the power to change your life. Don’t let anyone or anything (alcohol) tell you otherwise. 


Option 1: Stay Stuck

You can keep throwing things at the wall, trying to figure out recovery on your own, and endlessly scrolling wondering why you are still in the same place as you were a year ago in your recovery and not get any support or membership.  (How is that actually working for you? Probably not well..)

Option 2: Build Your Recovery Program & Achieve Your Life Goals!

You can get the exact step by step system and strategy that myself and dozens of individuals before you have used to build a wildly successful and rewarding recovery program that will bring you relief and joy each and every day!

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