Hi! My name is Arielle Dyment, CEO of My Sober Compass.  I’m a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach who helps high-functioning drinkers stop drinking and start living! My goal is to help you personally build a sobriety program that makes sense for your unique lifestyle.



Customized 1:1 coaching can help you life the life you always dreamed of... SUBSTANCE FREE!  Schedule a free 50-minute call to see how this 12 week program can absolutely tranform your life! 


"Asking for help can be the most challenging steps of recovery, whom among us wants to admit complete defeat, and, in this case, to a stranger.   Arielle responded to my email promptly, and within 24 hours of we were on the phone together having our first open session discussing the My Sober Compass program.  Arielle’s sober coaching sessions are life changing, for the better.   She helps you create a recovery roadmap, specific to yourself and holds you accountable to the program and to your sobriety.  She creates an environment of trust early on, there was not one topic that I shied away from talking about with her.   All sessions are recorded and stored in your personal google drive, allowing you too look back at your progress, also replay and navigate any difficulties you may be experiencing.  You can also review session notes and you will usually have weekly homework to complete.  Moreover, Arielle runs 2 public group meetings during the week, which in my opinion, are the best meetings available for anyone looking to get sober and share in a private confidential environment. I would not be sober today if it were not for Arielle, and her dedication to helping people recovery from substance use disorder."  - Scott C. British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for giving me so much empowerment and courage to keep on keepin on! I have been doing so much better since our last session! Your tips have helped me immensely! I'm really thriving on breaking down the steps to important tasks and able to prioritize more in my life now! Thank you again so much for all that you have done in my life I could cry right now.  You're truly amazing and make me feel like I'm worth it!"  -Kelsey O. British Columbia, Canada

"Arielle has been instrumental in my sobriety. From the minute I left treatment Arielle was there to guide and support me in my early days of sobriety. Her honest, caring, and genuine concern for my sobriety has helped keep me sober, and she has always been there when I have reached out to her.  Her kind, and educated words come from a place of authenticity. Arielle has been there she can relate to what I was going through, she gave advice based on personal experience, and what worked for her, and this made recovery easier for me and helped me immensely. Arielle’s professional and dedicated. Her weekly calls, and sometimes bi-weekly, has helped me stay sober. She is always there to lend advice and give an inspirational word when I was down.  I cannot say enough about Arielle, if you are on the fence about hiring a life coach, just as I was, please take it from me, Arielle is an amazing life coach who will catch you with open arms when you need support. I cannot Thank you enough for all you have done for me Arielle."  -Sean H., Ontario, Canada

"Six months ago every part of my life was unmanageable. My family forced me to go to treatment for forty-five days.  When I left treatment, I hired Arielle to help me claim my life “outside of the bubble”. We worked together on co-dependency, building a support network that could handle anything and coping skills.  Today I am sober and working an amazing and inspiring program.”  -Jamie R., British Columbia, Canada

“Every time I finish a session with Arielle, I feel like my recovery batteries have been recharged.  She is very easy to talk to and is a good listener. I am a big member of AA and NA and was looking to add another piece of recovery to my program. She does exactly that with SMART RECOVERY worksheets and real life tools. I’d recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to take their recovery to the next level."  -Kristen B., California, USA

"I am a 34 year old female and when Arielle was recommended to me I was severely lost in my own life, my soul was no longer apart of me and I had truly lost myself! I can honestly say, I had lost all hope ! Upon meeting Arielle I was scared and nervous beyond words, but her kind hearted words and gentle approach made me feel safe and secure. She made me feel I had a purpose again! Those feelings that once felt foreign to me, now had me feeling a sense of relief. Arielle has helped me so much in not only my own life but my families and my daughters as well. I would highly recommend Arielle to anyone and everyone! She’s helped me to find myself again, to dig deep to find my soul again. Arielle has helped me to become “ME” again. Arielle has given me strength and courage in my deepest, darkest moments. Arielle was there 24/7. I can confidently say she was truly a blessing in disguise! I am now 8 months sober, thanks to Arielle and able to be the fun mom, daughter and sister again that my family once enjoyed! I am able to enjoy social events now without my anxiety or my ADD getting in the way, thanks to Arielle and all her great knowledge and helpful tips.My life feels full again, complete again, at ease again, so simple again! The moment I never thought was possible! Thank you Arielle and thank you My Sober Compass from not only myself but from my family as well. I'm so thankful everyday that I get to be "ME" again! 'It May be stormy now, but it never rains forever.'"  -Katie H., Alberta, British Columbia



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